28th October 2016 – London show of support

On Friday the 28th of October 2016 we will once again stand in solidarity shoulder to shoulder for our brother and fellow Royal Marine Commando Sgt Alexander Blackman who is currently serving an 8 year to life sentence for allegedly murdering a Taliban insurgent who moments before was trying to kill them.

One year ago to the date history was made by the coming together of servicemen/women and civilians to show support for one of our own and the creation of what has been widely known as the ‘Sea of Green’.

Absolutely everybody is welcome and it would be great to see all cap badges there from former and serving service personnel. Remember this is a peaceful show of support for one of our own so the time for excuses really is well and truly gone.

What will happen:

1100hrs – Arrive
1130hrs – Form up as a parade (by the instruction of the Drill Leaders)
1200hrs – The parade will be addressed by a number of former serving personnel (more details to follow)
1230hrs – 2 minutes silence will take place in remembrance for all of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.
1300hrs – The parade will be dismissed.

Dress: Suits, medals and head dress if you have it please ladies and gents. Please be advised that for security reasons it is advised that you do not wear medals whilst travelling to and from Parliament Square.


More details will follow on the lead up to the event.

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16th December 2015 – Birmingham show of support

We would like to invite you all to join us and the family in what is going to be a momentous occasion for the campaign to see Justice for Al.

We are pleased to announce that the legal team have been working tirelessly and are now in a position to hand the papers into the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) on 16 December 2015 at Eastside Park (next to Millennium Point) in Birmingham. The CCRC will then review all of the information put forward including the new information highlighted by the Daily Mail in their fantastic campaign.

We would like to see all ranks from all services standing together as one in a phenomenal show of solidarity. Throughout this campaign the public support has been unbelievable and for that reason we would very much like to see all of you attend and join in our static parade.

What will happen on the day?

1230hrs – Arrive and form up as a parade (by the instruction of the Drill Leaders)
1300hrs – The parade will be addressed by a former senior officer
1330hrs – An amazing band of approximately 30 strong will be playing a number of Christmas Carols
1355hrs – An announcement will be made to signify Claire and the Family making their way to the CCRC to hand in the papers.
1400hrs – The parade will be dismissed.
1430hrs onwards we have booked a venue for those that want to enjoy a beer or two together.

This is an extremely positive step for the campaign and we would like for this to be a joyous occasion for all.

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28th October 2015 – London show of support

On the 28th of October we saw approximately 1852 people turn up to show their support for Al at Parliament Square in what has become internationally known as the “Sea of Green”.