There are many ways to get involved in this campaign, however there is one that is more powerful than any other and that’s sharing this page.

very day we receive messages of support as well as messages of gratitude for running this campaign and the overall message being sent to us includes the fact that they were not aware, they did not realize or simply did not consider the bigger picture.

It is for that reason I would like to ask those that are wishing to get involved spread the word, don’t argue with the haters but educate them into what really happened not only in the short time period of what has been put put in the mediaΒ  but the whole 6 month tour labelled as one of the bloodiest throughout the Afghanistan war on terror.

Spreading the word can be as simple as sharing the link to this page to walking door to door and speaking to people. Some have printed posters from our download section and put them up in public places whilst others have made banners. However you choose to get involved it really is much appreciated.

So who's coming?

How many shares can we get?

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It has been an incredible journey for nearly 3 1/2 years but for all the wrong reasons. On the 15th of March 2017 Justice finally prevailed whereby the murder conviction was quashed and substituted to...

Sentencing of Sgt Alexander Blackman

March 24, 2017, 10:00am - March 24, 2017, 11:00am

Royal Courts of Justice

It has been an incredible journey for nearly 3 1/2 years but for all the wrong reasons. On the 15th of March 2017 Justice finally prevailed whereby the murder conviction was quashed and substituted to...

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June ChandlerA message to the judges after the events at westminster why jail a hero that would lay down his life to protect you just like that brave policeman do your duty and free sgt al24 minutes ago   ·  5
Jamie WillettsAll the best wishes for tomorrow and a big pat on the back for all of you who make the effort to be in attendance. Praying for Justice βš– πŸ‘26 minutes ago   ·  2
Catherine GarrardI would if I could but have hospital appointment ironically in Taunton however I will be listening and checking in when I can. God Speed let him home tomorrow.πŸ™πŸ™x28 minutes ago   ·  1
James FenwickHope they have the thoughts of yesterday's act fresh in their minds when acquitting him of killing someone of the exact same mindset as yesterday's human filth15 minutes ago   ·  4
Faith KuTake extra care tomorrow everyone, thumbs up for the day we want to be the be all and end all of Al's time behind bars. Got my flag ready to hang from the top of my home in Taiwan, for all to see.11 minutes ago
Hayley GrahamI so wish I cld be there been following it all from phone/fb and am praying for the outcome he deserves! Be extra vigilant tomo whilst waiting outside guys xxxxx6 minutes ago
Rhona McintoshHope the correct and the only Verdict should be released no further action so you can be where you belong with your family xxx29 minutes ago   ·  2
Dawn GreenI didn't want to like this because I don't believe he should be sentenced or even having to attend court for being an hero !!! Sorry I can't go but will be thinking about you all and hoping Mr Blackman is released .12 minutes ago   ·  1
Liz DaveyEverything crossed for tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers go with you all, being disabled and elderly it isint much but hope it helps somehow. God bless you all .πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§20 minutes ago
Ruth FishwickBe thinking of you both tomorrow as always sending u thoughts and prayers hoping AL is relised and back with Claire and his mum xxx38 minutes ago   ·  1
Andrew Dowlen-gillilandI would love to be there, unfortunate I can't, but I will be warring my Green berry, and keeping everything crossed for there joyful news.7 minutes ago
David WelfordWill be fuming if he is not released Tomorrow after the events in London yesterday17 minutes ago   ·  3
Malcolm JohnstoneLets hope British justice prevails tomorrow and Al is reunited with his family26 minutes ago   ·  1
Faith PerkinsUnable to come and support you all but will be watching with everything crossed. Take care up there after yesterday37 minutes ago   ·  2
Mandy RobsonI'm working and have no holiday left. I'll be sneaking my phone into my pocket though.26 minutes ago   ·  1
Helen HendersonGood luck for tomorrow Sgt Alexander , thank you for your service Xx25 minutes ago   ·  2
Sue HadleyIf I wasn't at work I would definitely be there. Thinking of Al and Clare. Everything crossed xx34 minutes ago   ·  1
Diane NewmanI so wish I could be there stay safe everyone and get Al home x30 minutes ago   ·  1
Margaret FindlayEverything Crossed for you Sgt Blackman, & a few prayer's thrown in for good measure. Regard's to you & your family.πŸ˜‡38 minutes ago   ·  1
Nicholas BelcherI will be there in spirit for all are service men and women good luck for marine A and family35 minutes ago   ·  2
Robert ReayI'll be there in spirit, can't make the trip down as I live in the north east, but big Al will be free this week end tho.2 minutes ago
Christine RigbyI really wish I could be there. But I will be waiting with baited breath good luck4 minutes ago
John BoyntonI'm in work but best wishes hope they see sense and release Al. And anyone attending stay safe βš“7 minutes ago
Debbie ChapmanI hope that this terrible Wrong is finally put right I wish you well an a good journey home x3 minutes ago
Frank BamfordWould love to be there for Al and for London but have a serious commitment41 minutes ago

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i m really sorry had to unlike this page as i have been getting some hatered comments sent to my facebook page in private text from here but best of luck they know who they are i m honest respectable woman from military i dont think iv said anything wrong on this page if i have offended ppl i m sorry ... See MoreSee Less

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Sue ChildsThat's terrible Martha. You shouldn't have to unlike the page. Can you report and block these people? I would. #JusticeforMarineA23 minutes ago   ·  1
Martha Brownesue sorry i dont know how but i m irish i dont like the names i was called for noting i v not done or said anything wrong22 minutes ago

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