Parliamentary Debate

For a parliamentary debate to be considered you must first gain 100,000 signatures on what is known as a Government e-petition (electronic petition).

A Government e-petition demanding the release of Alexander Blackman and a review of his case was launched in November 2013. An outstanding show of support through social media campaigning meant that not only did we reach our 100k target but we exceeded it with a total of 107261 signatures. This meant that Al’s case could now be debated within the House of Commons. The proposed debate was supported by Richard Drax MP. A decision was made by the family to postpone this debate whilst additional legal avenues were explored. The debate finally took place on the 16th of September 2015 and can be found below.

This was a real turning point for the campaign which could not have been achieved without the fantastic support and devotion of the public. For this we really cannot thank you all enough.

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